You can start a Garden to pass you Time after your Retirement

You can start a Garden to pass you Time after your Retirement

Sometimes, sitting around idle for long hours is a source of worry for those of us who are used to working all day long. You will agree with me that sitting around watching a TV, talking to kids and people all day may not be easy for a seniors who has just retired. There is need for a senior like you to devise ways in which to pass time after his retirement. There are a number of things that you can do as soon as you retire to make sure that your day is spent on something constructive. There are those of us who are proactive and we will always look for something to do and make something out of it.

Start and maintain your own garden

A garden is the best for seniors like you because it is a small scale flower place where you can grow flowers and watch them grow. For ladies, flowers are everything and in fact, flowers are those things that makes them happy. Have you ever went to a garden and see how flowers sway in the air as they receive the summer sunlight? Flower in a garden look lovely and your day will eventually come to an end before you know it. Starting your own garden is the best thing you can do to make sure that you pass your retirement time well. While gardening consider a medicare supplement plan to take care of your health so find one at

Someone will ask why I should start my own garden. Why should I not hire the services of a gardener? The answer is simple. You need to start your own garden so that to can spend your time that could have otherwise been spent sitting idle within you compound. If you will decide to start you own garden from scratch then you will certainly been assured of spending a whole month preparing it. After digging up a piece of land, you will then another month to plant flowers. This will eventually take two good months. Starting you own flower garden will also help you muscles and will keep high sugar concentration away.

Starting you own flower garden could reduce grocery expenses

If you are a senior who has just retired, you need to keep in mind the need to cut your expense as much as you can. Part of cutting the expenses is just starting a garden and planting some vegetables. You can save $1 daily whenever you pick a lettuce from your own garden.

Use the Open Enrollment Period to Switch from Medigap

The open sign up period for Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug plans is from November 15 to December 3. You can find hundreds of different types of these plans across the country, with various coinsurance, deductibles and premiums. So rather than procrastinate, do yourself a favor do by shopping early.

As of 2011, traditional period from January 1st to March 31st to make additional changes once you sign up ceased to exist. It is all the more important to compare all options thoroughly.

Approximately 11.8 million Medicare participants were already registered in the Advantage care plans on September 30. That’s almost a quarter of all Medicare patients.

How do Medicare Advantage plans work?

These plans are from private insurance companies that insure seniors and certain people with disabilities. These plans are subsidized by the government and the plans usually compete with extras that are not available in Original Medicare, such as: hearing, dental or eyesight cover. The provision of subsidies has made premiums to be less than the Medicare premiums for standard Part B, however, of late, subsidies have been closely examined.

The federal government has frozen subsidies for performance evaluations. Some Advantage coverage plans can earn bonuses, but underperforming plans are associated with a subsidy loss, which can lead to higher premiums.

Most of these plans include prescription drug coverage similar to Medicare Part D. Benefit coverage plans are also typically managed care plans, such as preferred provider organization (PPO) or a health maintenance organization (HMO) plans. You will usually need to select a family doctor and see that doctor for a referral before you can visit a specialist.

Your access to doctors, hospitals or other medical service providers may also be limited to the provider network of the plan. Some insurers have Private Fee for Service plans that allow you to see a doctor or use a Medicare-approved hospital. Such plans may incur fees for visits to a doctor, but you are not required to select a family doctor or receive a referral to see a specialist.

All of these plans include all of your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage, including emergency and emergency care. Plans do not cover hospice care, as Original Medicare will grant the coverage even if you sign up for one of the Advantage coverage plans.

How do I join one of the Medicare Supplement plans-go to

Generally, if you have Medicare Part A and Part B and you live in an area where there is an Advantage Plan that accepts new members, you can join an Advantage Plan.

If you switch to another Advantage coverage plan, you only need to join the new plan and you will automatically be excluded from your old plan. You have no short commings in your coverage.

As long as you are enrolled in an Advantage Plan, you do not need to purchase Medicare Supplement insurance. The fact is that it is illegal for anyone to sell to you one of the ten Medigap plans if you are in an Advantage plan.

The benefits offered by the Medigap policies are covered by Advantage plans, and the additional Medicare insurance does not pay for your Advantage plan co-insurance, co-pay, or deductible.


Two Reasons to Buy Medicare Supplemental Insurance

There is no doubt in the world that if you are not very rich, you need extra health insurance to prepare you for any kind of medical emergency. Even when you have some savings already, you cannot estimate how much you will have to pay to cover this medical bill including your Medicare coverage. It’s good to have this Medicare coverage, but to make sure your finances are maintained in these unpredictable times, an insurance that supports your original plan is ideal.

Most people had to accumulate real estate and cash in their banks, only to have to use some, if not all, of them to pay for medical bills. If you simply do not want to risk it, take the time to make a supplementary insurance comparison between the different plans and choose the best one so that you can use it as soon as possible.

get a 2020 supplement plan at

Although all people need this kind of security, especially when the economy is not fantastic all over the world, some will simply have a bigger need for it. Firstly, people who run their own business will only understand the importance of this additional coverage after an emergency has occurred and they run out of financial resources.

Employees are particularly advantaged as companies offer supplementary plan as part of their service package. This means they do not have to look for an insurance provider as it will be handled by their employer. However, those who are self-employed are on their own. Therefore, they must make these decisions themselves by choosing the right Medicare Supplement plans from the right company to give it to them.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2020The second person who needs supplementary insurance is the one who does not save. Most likely, the person who does not save is the one who only earns enough income for their daily needs. In the event of a medical emergency and bills exceeding Medicare coverage, a major problem has arisen. To a certain extent, those who have set apart a certain amount would be in a better position, because if the gap is not so large, the savings would usually be sufficient as they are ideally spent with a plan rather than for emergency. This means that the person who does not save at all is in a really bad situation.

Prices may be based on three different models and the lowest price may not suit you as good as you like. That’s because you have less opportunity to change plans if your health gets worse over time. If you are 65 years old, an open registration deadline guarantees that you can receive the standard rate without any increases or exclusions for pre-existing health issues. Unfortunately, the cheapest plans when you are 65 years old may not be the cheapest plans a decade later.

It may not be immediately apparent which pricing model is used for the plans available in your area. It will help to find an agent who is willing to do some research. It is your best bet to find an agent that compares many plans, or a website where you can compare quickly and easily.

Under 65 Disabled Medicare

There are many questions as regards Medicare, let alone if you are disabled and under 65. The steps of the things you need to do or the things you know may not be as clear as you would like it. If you do not register everything in a government-provided window, you could be punished. The penalty will cost you more money than you expected.

Someone who is eligible for SS disability income has a two-year waiting period before being eligible for Medicare A and B. This could be a long wait if you need insurance.

If you were gainfully employed, you would be covered by your employer. If you were required to take leave due to the disability, COBRA will allow you to extend the coverage of your previous employer. The COBRA option allows you to pay for health insurance for up to 18 months, and in some cases you can get 24 or 36 months depending on the situation. This will give you some time to move on to Medicare Disability.

If you cannot afford the premiums because of the cash flow of COBRA, you may qualify for Medicaid. It is a health program available from the state. They have their own requirements to qualify. Refer to your state policies to apply. Then your health care will be a nominal cost to you, and will be paid by the state.

Once you’ve met your two-year disability waiting period to be eligible for Medicare coverage, you’ll have a window to do other things to remain compliant. The government requires coverage of Part D; D is for drugs. Original Medicare does not provide this except for inpatient medication. They will give you a window of about three to four months to buy a part D. Typically, it is the month of the beginning of Part B (delivered by Original Medicare) and then 90 days after that month. If you do not sign up for a Part D or equivalent during this period, you will be penalized when you eventually sign up for it. Medicare requires this so that more people can pay to control the cost of all.

If your state insurer is required to provide Medicare Supplemental insurance for people under 65 with disabilities, then you can apply without underwriting during the same period. You will find that the premium is much higher for people under the age of 65 than if you were 65 or older. Part of this is that you are early on Medicare because you have a disability, it means that you have more entitlements. Either way, you have the option to apply for a plan that will sign and use the lower rates without being checked for health.

However, in some states, such as Indiana, insurance companies do not have to participate in the under-65s market.  Get a quote at

If you can continue to work and maintain insurance through the workplace, Medicare A and B will not change. You can keep this coverage if you so wish. You will need to provide proof of eligible coverage, or if you are applying for Part D or qualifying coverage in the future, if you have ever lost this health insurance. Keep all receipts as needed.


2018 Medicare Conditions and Modifications

Medicare is available to persons over the age of 65 who are US citizens or legal residents. In addition, either you or your spouse must have worked 10 years (40 quarters). Some people under the age of 65 may also qualify for Medicare insurance if they have certain disabilities and comply with the guidelines. Medicare Parts A & B is provided by the government.

Part A:

Many people do not pay for Part A, which covers hospital inpatient care, nursing care, home-based care, and hospice stays, because if you’ve worked, you’ve paid into the system. There is a deductible of about $ 1,316.00 and co-insurance after 60 days.

part B

This is a health insurance that covers the visits of doctors and other health care providers, outpatient care, home health care, permanent medical equipment and some preventative services rather than hospital care. The premium is about $ 134.00 and the deductible is $ 183.00. Part B is designed so that the government will pay for about 80% of the medical costs.

Part C

This is called Medicare Advantage, which combines parts A and B and provides additional benefits that can be covered by prescription drugs (Part D) and dental or visual coverings. You can be zero premium (you still have to pay the Medicare rewards) or have an extra reward based on the benefits.

Part D:

Private insurance companies cover the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and costs about $ 15.00 to $ 100.00 per month. They each have a list of approved medications.

Medicare options and supplements:

Because Medicare does not cover all healthcare costs, these guidelines known as Medigap cover some or all of the costs not included in Parts A and B. However, these plans do not cover medication and have additional premiums for Medicare Part A & B.

Many people choose a combination of these to get the most comprehensive coverage they can. For example:

  • Medicare Supplement Plan with Medicare Part A & B and Part D (to cover prescription drugs)
  • Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) with Medicare Part A & B, and most Part C plans include Part D (to cover prescription drugs)

Other Medicare facts:

You can’t have both: a Medicare supplement and a Medicare Advantage plan.  Get one here

You can change your Part C or Part D plan each year during the annual registration period, which ran for 2018 from October 15 to December 7, 2017.

Some individuals qualifying for Medicaid (another government program) may qualify for the QMB (Qualified Medicare Beneficiary) status only. That is, they receive Medicare rewards and co-pays, such as deductibles, coinsurance, or co-pay. However, this status does not cover other healthcare costs. Medicare-approved providers are not allowed to pay QMB status people, but Medicaid can cover these costs.

Also note that if Medicare declines a fee as a covered service, the supplemental insurance will also decline. An example is a person who has a ambulance transport to a doctor’s office. Balance is the responsibility of the patient or the patient may respond with medical records that provide medical need for transportation.


Annual Disenrollment and What It Means For You

Although Open Enrollment has just ended, that does not mean that you have no time left. The annual disenrollment period is for those who wish to discontinue their Medicare Advantage and / or Part D plan. The industry joke is that the beneficiaries can put an end to their current plans by Valentine’s Day.

The purpose of the disenrollment deadline is to allow beneficiaries to leave Part C and / or D completely, while Open Enrollment allows beneficiaries to change plans and carriers once a year. You can also disenroll during open enrollment, but January 1 through February 14 gives you another opportunity to put an end to Part C and / or Part D.

There are three scenarios in which you can switch: the first is for those who have an Advantage plan that includes a medication plan. These people can choose to buy a standalone Part D plan or just fly with Original Medicare (I do not support the latter). The second scenario is for those who have private fee for service plans (these do not contain prescription coverage).

Unfortunately, if you are, you will not be able to buy Part D until next October, but you can still use Original Medicare. Let’s say you have only a Part D policy. As in the scenario above, you cannot change the carriers / plans until next year. However, you can put an end to Part D if you wish. The bottom line is that you can unsubscribe from Part C and D and return to Original Medicare.

You may be wondering what happens after you sign out? Fortunately, you can either stay with Original Medicare or do the smart thing and acquire a Medicare supplement policy. Before signing out, make sure that you qualify for a Medicare supplement plan. You can talk to a Medicare supplement agent about whether you are qualified or not.

For those who have a Medicare supplement and want to change plans / carriers, you do not have to wait for a “special” period! One of the reasons Medicare supplements are flexible. If you are dissatisfied with your plan / carrier, and you qualify for medical (no major conditions, complaints or operations pending), you can change every day of the year! There are no deadlines for this Medigap coverage.

Many people are shocked when I first tell them, “Well, you can actually apply after December 7, there is no registration deadline for Medigap.”

The only Medicare supplement that contains restrictions are Parts C and D; Beneficiaries of these plans must adhere to the restrictions on open entry and exit.  Get an advantage plan at

If you’re sick of the unexpected cost of Medicare Advantage, start this January! Give your part C the good old “It’s me, not you” and move on!

You need to enroll for Medicare Part A and possibly for Part B when you retire even if your employer offers a retirement health plan. Most plans assume that you are insured under Medicare and do not pay for benefits that Medicare would have granted. Veterans may qualify for special medical programs. However, benefits and eligibility are very restricting and can be modified.

A recommendation from the Department of Veterans Affairs is that veterans should apply for both parts A and parts B of Medicare to guarantee adequate medical care.


Why Should You Think About Getting The Medicare Supplement Plans?


Does it happen to you that irrespective of having some specific medical insurance plan, you have to spend some extra amount of money? Such incidents are both disturbing and worrying. However, like any other problem, there is a solution to this problem as well. Having Medical Supplement Plans can save you in such circumstances.

Now, you may think about why you will pay the premium for another additional scheme while you are already paying for the main medical insurance plan. Here, you need to understand that the Medicare Supplement Plans are something more than just being a supplement to your Original Medicare plan. By spending just a little more, you can secure your future permanently. Do you wonder how? Let’s see:

The extraordinary benefits

Several issues are there for which the Original Medicare plans do not cover the expenses. The Medicare Supplement Plans work exactly here. The areas for which these plans provide financial backup are Copayments, Coinsurance, and the Deductibles. The most important benefit of getting these plans is that you will be provided with all of the advantages of it even when you are traveling to somewhere outside the state. Renewal of the policy is guaranteed till the time you pay the premiums of it and your insurance company cannot cancel it if you continue paying the premiums continuously.

Basics of buying the Medicare Supplement Plans are found at

It is not something very complicated to add a supplement plan to your existing medical care insurance plan. If you are an Original Medicare policyholder and are paying the premiums of the Plan A and B, you will be considered eligible for the Medicare Supplement Plans. Any medical insurance company that has the official approval of selling supplementary medical schemes in your state can be approached for buying the policy. However, before buying it, you need to make sure the following things:

  • You are able to leave your existing Medicare Advantage Plan prior to initiating the supplementary plan.
  • You are currently not having a Medicare Medical Savings Account Plan.

Apart from that, if you are having the requirement for a continuing healthcare service, long-term nursing, and dental or optical care, you probably will not get any benefit from your supplement plan.

The additional medical insurance scheme us known as Medigap since they fill up the gaps left by the main medical plans. Make contact with your nearest medical insurance company now to get more information on this topic.

Secure Your Future with the Help of the Medicare Supplement Plans

Health insurance policies are undoubtedly a necessity when you have reached your old age. That is why it is always wise to secure a healthy and comfortable future so that you can have a relaxed and unworried retirement life. And the preparation for this should begin at a stage when you have plenty of time in your hand to decide what will be good for you and what not.

Thanks to the governmental schemes, once you reach the age of 65, you will be considered eligible for the Medicare plans introduced specially for the elderly people. But, here you should be informed of the fact that such a plan will not cover all of your healthcare related costs and certain areas will be there where the disbursements have to be paid by you. Choosing the Medicare Supplement Plans can help you out in such a situation.


Why the Medicare Supplement Plans have been introduced?

According to the governmental policies, a few sectors are there for which the Medicare plans do not pay the costs and the plan holders are required to make the payments on their own. With the intention of providing help in such situations, the Medicare Supplement Plans have been introduced. The basic sectors where these additional plans come to the rescue of the old people are the copayments, coinsurance costs, and the deductibles. Another reason for buying such a supplementary policy is that having this scheme will enable you to get the benefits of your healthcare plans even when you are out of the state. One of the chief features of these plans is that unlike the other types of insurance policies, they cannot be stopped or canceled until the holder pays the timely premiums of it.

What to do to be registered under it?

You have to contact your nearest medical insurance company to buy any of the Medicare Supplement Plans. The company needs to be properly authorized to sell such policies in your state. The entire Medicare plan A and B holders can buy a supplement plan.

What are the limitations of such a plan?

Continuing personal care services and assistance in dental/optical/auditory problems audience generally not provided by the Medicare Supplement Plans. The allowance for buying these policies is denied to the people getting the benefits of the Medicare Medical Savings Account Plan.

Currently, the prescription drugs expenses are also not being covered by these supplementary schemes. To know more, please contact some

Medicare Supplement Plans Known as Medigap

Medicare was devised by the United States Congress and signed by the President to help all the people of the United States with their health expenses. It is a medical health plan to help the retired citizens and other people as well. The plan was basic to start with and then, little by little, more was added to make it the plan it is today.

After a while, many plans were added and called Medicare supplement plans or Medigap. Each plan is different and are designated by the letters A-N. These plans are all standardized and are the same no matter which insurance company you get them from. The difference will be in the monthly premiums and determined by where you live. There can be a considerable difference in premiums and one must look carefully at all the plans, being they are all different, to see which one will meet your health needs. Then you will need to look at each insurance company to see who will offer the best premiums to add to your monthly budget.

Medicare supplement plans were devised to help pay your medical expenses. Medicare will only pay 80% of the medical expenses one incurs for their medical problem. The remaining 20% will be your responsibility, unless you have a Medigap policy. These supplement plans are a good investment for the senior to help with that extra expense. The plans are varied, so one needs to examine the plans to see what will be the greater benefit for you.

Medicare supplement plans are not group plans. Each individual will need to purchase their own policy and have their own monthly premiums. You will also need to have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B in order to enroll in a Medicare supplement plan. All the plans are renewable yearly.

Another thing to consider is when to purchase your Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan. If your join Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B you have 6 months to get a Medigap plan. You will not be rejected for any existing medical issues you may have at that time. If you wait beyond the 6 month time period, you may find your medical condition may be rejected and you will definitely have higher premiums. So this an important issue for many people with medical problems who want to have medical insurance to cover their medical expenses